Success On Cue

     This is a screen shot of subliminal messages version 3.0.0, a freeware by Jeff L. Williams. Now donít be misguided by the word subliminal.

     Do they work or not ?

     If used intelligently they probably can but I donít want to get into a discussion about the research on subliminals.

     Rather I would like to invite you to use this free software to remind you of the desired outcomes you want to achieve. The idea is to write skill-oriented outcomes to achieve every skill you need to accomplish your goal.

     When you click on the select subliminal messages to be shown, you can choose to write your own desired outcome. For example, you can choose to do self-affirmations for hours on end...

     But the secret is to insert a sound file at the end or beginning of your selection. The sound is associated with your skill-oriented message. Often you won't even notice the printed text but you'll hear the sound and then remember the message.

     Isn't that what advertisers do to our brain ?

     Also you can choose the location on your screen where your message will appear at different intervals.

     Whatís more if you remember your eye-tracking skills from reading my Tune In To The Genius Within eBook, you can choose the exact location where you want to put your reminder while triggering your best sensory code.

Click here to learn more:

     Also it's important to consider where youíre going to put your computer at eye-level, eyes downward or upward. These all affect the way your mind reacts to different stimuli in your brain.

     And how close are you to your computer screen ? Another important factor to take into consideration.

     To download your free copy, click on the link below:

then just click on the subliminal.exe file and you are ready to MotivAte yourself to unlimited success. Do it consistently and start with one desired outcome. After a while, it will be programmed into your unconscious mind. Next . . .

     Believe in success or not ?


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